About Pro Badminton Academy

Pro Badminton Academy is a long running badminton academy founded by former Commonwealth Games Doubles Gold Medalist and world no.1 men's doubles player, Ong Beng Teong. The academy has been offering training from beginner up to advanced levels for over 15 years as well as offering international players from around the world a training base for their professional careers. The academy is based in both Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and Melbourne, Australia.

In Malaysia, the academy is mainly based in Petaling Jaya, about 30 minutes drive away from the central business district of Kuala Lumpur. PBA Malaysia has long been a place for local kids to learn the game as well as being the main place for top international players from around the world to base themselves at the academy for intense world class training stints. PBA Malaysia has been the training base for many foreign international players from countries such as Australia, Vietnam, England, Singapore, Hong Kong, India, New Zealand, Bulgaria, Pakistan, Trinidad and many more.

In Australia, the academy is based around the South East suburbs of Melbourne, Victoria where it has been operating as both a training academy and a social club. While offering training for all levels, PBA Australia has a view of training up their players to represent the academy to compete in both junior and open tournaments across Australia. PBA Australia is also run as a social club where players of social level can come to play and enjoy the game while meeting other social players that come from around Melbourne.

All badminton classes conducted under Pro Badminton Academy covers all areas of the game, including badminton tips, rules, techniques and tactics for all levels and for players of all ages.

Besides Chief coach Ong Beng Teong, there are a team of coaches in both countries that are very experienced in both the game and coaching. Some of these coaches are even former international players or competitive club players from countries such as Malaysia, Indonesia, China and Taiwan.

Pro Badminton Academy also sells a wide range of badminton products and services such as grips, badminton rackets, shoes, stringing services, etc. In both countries, the academy also offers the public professional courts for hire at great rates as well as running badminton holiday camps and other events throughout the year.