Coach Profile:

Ong Beng Teong Sutheaswari

The Badminton Legend

In year 1989, Ong Beng Teong has undergone a Coaching Course and has passed in the written and practical tests, conducted by the Coaching and Training Committee of the Badminton Association of Malaysia (BAM). Four years later, in 1993 he set up Pro Badminton Academy to promote and conduct badminton lessons to schoolchildren and to scout for potential players for the Selangor State. Since then, he started a new badminton coaching career.


  • Started badminton career at age of nine years playing in the Primary Inter-School Championship. Was school Singles Champion in 1972.
  • Represented National School in Under-20's grade at the age of 17. Was runner-up in men's doubles and singles.
  • In 1979, selected as one of 7 players to form the back-up squad for the National Team. Joined the National Junior Squad.

  • Was Runner-up in the Penang Open (doubles) in 1980.
  • First International Championship was the Jakarta World Championship in 1980. Made the third round of the doubles.
  • Played in the 1980 Taiwan Open. Was Doubles Champion.
  • Represented Malaysia in the Common wealth Games in Brisbane in 1982. Was quarter- finalist in singles. Won Gold Medal for Doubles.
  • Represented Malaysia in 9th Asian Games in India in 1982. Won Bronze Medal (team Event).
  • Played in the All-England tournaments in 1982 and upset the top seed in the doubles. Made quarterfinal.
  • Represented Malaysia in the SEA Games in Singapore in 1983, winning Team Event Silver Medal for singles and doubles.
  • Played in Malaysian Open in 1983. Semi-finalist in singles and doubles.
  • Achieved 8th position in World Ranking for singles in 1983.
  • Qualified for Grand Prix finals in singles in Indonesia in 1983.
  • Represented Asia in the Asia Vs Europe Tournament (singles) in 1984.
  • Represented Malaysia in the 1984 Thomas Cup series (singles).
  • Quarter-finalist in the 1984 World Cup, defeating China¡¯s No.1 (Yang Yang) in the singles.
  • Malaysian National Champion in 1985. Ranked No.1 in Malaysia.
  • Was quarter-finalist in singles in the All-England Tournament in 1985.
  • Was semi-finalist in the 1985 Japan Open (doubles).
  • Was quarter-finalist in the 1985 Danish Open (singles).
  • Represented Malaysia in 1986 Thomas Cup (singles and doubles)
  • Was runner-up (doubles) in 1986 Hong Kong Open.
  • Was runner-up in 1987 Silverbowl in Melbourne (singles)

  • Was doubles champion (with Cheah Soon Kit) in Swiss Open Championship (doubles) in 1988.
  • Was runner-up in the 1988 Poona Open in Belgium.
  • Placed second in the 1988 Thomas Cup in Kuala Lumpur.
  • In 1988, initially ranked No.2 in the World for doubles.
  • Australian Silverbowl Championship in 1989 (doubles).
  • Australian Open Championship in 1990 (doubles).
  • Monash Open Championship in 1990 (doubles).
  • Australian Silverbowl Championship in 1990 (doubles).
  • City of Melbourne in 1990 (doubles and mixed doubles).
  • Australian Open Championship in 1991 (doubles and singles).
  • City of Melbourne in 1992 (singles).
  • Australian Open Championship in Adelaide 1992 (mixed doubles).
  • In 1993, set up Pro Badminton Academy to promote and conduct badminton lessons to schoolchildren and to scout for potential players for the Selangor State.

Consultant to the KLRC since its incorporation in 2005. Part of my job function includes the following:

  • Provide consulting services to the Sales & Marketing of the Badminton Recreational & Training Centre at Wangsa Maju by Pro Badminton Academy.
  • To initiate a sales and marketing plan, such as setting up of coaching courses and bring in and maintain customers, in order to enhance sales and image of the Badminton Recreational & Training Centre.
  • To conduct and supervise coaching clinics on a regular basis to enhance sales of the Badminton Recreational & Training Centre.
  • To identify and highlight problems arising in the day to day running of the Badminton Recreational & Training Centre.
  • To propose and discuss with management on solutions to problems identified.
  • To conduct a regular market survey to ensure competitiveness within the similar business.
  • Have coached the national players from Mongolia, England, Australia, New Zealand, etc. to prepare them for international tournaments sanctioned by IBF.
  • Currently coaching Australia No.1 Men Single; Australia No.1 Ladies Single and Australia No. 1 Ladies Doubles; Trinidad & Tobago No.1 Men Single.

Mr. Ong Beng Teong have well-developed communication skills as he had exposure to a variety of cultures over the years. In his work, he had a great deal of experience in dealing with members of the public, of all ages, as well as high ranking public servants.